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Lake Cavern of Melissani

The Lake Cavern of Melissani is a unique geological phenomenon located 2 km northwest of Sami. The natural entrance of the cave is vertical (measuring 40×50 m) and was created by the collapse of a section of roof. Nowadays there is also an artificial entrance with stairs, which allows visitors[…]

αξιοθέατα κεφαλονιά


The sinks in Kefalonia are one of the many geological attractions of Kefalonia, located at a distance of about 2 km away from Argostoli, in the cape of Agios Theodoros. The sinks are cracked – openings in the ground next to the sea. The water which enters from there follows[…]

φαρος κεφαλονια

Lighthouse of Agioi Theodoroi

One of the most famous attractions in the area of Argostoli is theLighthouse of Agioi (Saints) Theodoroi. It is located just a bit off the well-known sinks and right at the entrance of the bay of Argostoli. The Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi was built in 1928 and joined the network of[…]

cave kefalonia

Cave of Drogarati

The Cave of Drogarati is a must see attraction of Kefalonia. Discovered nearly 300 years ago, when a part fell into itself because of the powerful earthquake and thus created the current entrance. Originally, the cave was used by the community Chaliotata, under the supervision of speleologist Mrs. Anna Petrochilou. Since 1963[…]

garden napier kefalonia

Garden of Napier

An attraction that offers peace and relaxation with the beauty of the visitor is the Garden of Napier. It is an elevated wooded park with various species of plants and trees inside of Argostoli. The park got its name in honor of the English commander who offered a lot in infrastructure[…]